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We have to our credit creative soaps expressed in the form of products we come up with frequently with new patterns, fragrances and harmony in our endeavour to keep the products natural and environmentally friendly. Soulpure Soaps -is all about passion, preservation and creativity. What started with a range of handmade soaps has now graduated to lip balms and body butters – all with the natural goodness of Mother Earth.
We use edible oils like Coconut oil, sunflower oil, Olive oil etc, and moisturizing butters, fruit and vegetable juices and pulps in their soaps – many fragrances come from essential oils again from plant extracts. All other fragrances and colors are sourced from the United States and are approved for usage on the skin.
As with any new start-up, we did face challenges in raising awareness on how harmful the soaps bought at the convenience stores are. Another challenge was in procurement of material and pricing in order to ensure our customers derived value from the price and the product. However, owing to our passion, we have built a loyal customer base for ourselves, who only keep coming back for more.

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