How Preservatives take a toll on Our Environment?

Synthetic preservatives have enabled us to create food that stays edible for longer and cosmetics that has a longer life on our bathroom shelves. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, and when such long life products are created, we are adding large quantities of chemicals to our ecosystem.

When a product is washed off and goes down the drain, it enters our water cycle and becomes a part of it. Aquatic plants, animals ingest these chemicals, in different quantities which could ultimately affect them adversely, and these are then passed on to the higher levels in a food chain.

This process is known as bioaccumulation and has negative effects on our environment. The worst case of bioaccumulation in British Columbia is the effect of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) on the Orca (Killer Whales). PCBs are chemicals that were used for many industrial applications between 1930s and 1970s. They were banned in 1977 owing to its adverse environmental and health impacts. PCBs have a longer half-life, suppress the immune system, likely to cause cancer in humans and will continue to effect the reproductive success of Orcas till 2030. Due to its longer half-life, it’s just so resistant to breaking down in the environment. The decline of these pollutants is happening very slowly.

Cosmetic preservatives-while used in much smaller quantities- still tend to accumulate in our water systems and contribute to this pollution. Finding natural ways to preserve products or finding a way to a chemical free substitute, will not only give additional benefits to mankind, but will protect the entire ecosystem which is indeed an essential component to our healthy survival. Ingredients like honey and sea salt will not revamp our environment directly but rather will break down harmlessly.

So be wise when you pick any product for yourself.

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